SOUL WORK is a workshop online supporting S.O.U.L. Clinic studies. The Science of Understanding Life (S.O.U.L.) Clinic course is a 12-lesson course in psychology offered through the Universal Life Church (ULC) that is designed to qualify you as a ministerial counselor. This course consists of resources from many fields including Psychology, Metaphysics, Christianity, Eastern and Western religious writings, counseling, guidance and practical information; all relating to the problems of life and how to overcome them.



SOUL WORK Workshop Outline:


What is the Soul?


"The soul is 'the animating and vital principal in man - forming an immaterial entity distinguished from, but temporarily co-existent with, his body.' It is the 'divine essence' of the whole human being. I see the individual soul as a discrete energy pattern which carries an evolutionary record of its immortal journey. It brings a blueprint for the essential meaning and purpose of the current lifetime, which, in turn, may be part of an evolutionary pattern. The soul is not limited to the attributes of matter."

     Reference: Soul Return: Integrating Body, Psyche & Spirit By Aminah Raheem


Science of the Soul


"Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in research into quantum physics, the study of the characteristics of and relationships between subatomic particles and energies. Innovative, unorthodox physicists tell us this important research has a strong bearing on the understanding of the paranormal and the afterlife. These physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call 'paranormal' are normal and consistent with the laws of science."

... "For more than a hundred years numerous physicists have been at the forefront of psychic research. They have seen no inconsistency between science and existence of the paranormal and the afterlife."

... "If, then, we can adduce any evidence that life or mental activity exists in space, and only sporadically makes itself evident by some material activity, the state of our present knowledge of physics renders our acceptance of the fact entirely harmonious. We have to do no violence to our physical conceptions if we admit the fact of survival. Life and mind never were functions of the material body, they only displayed themselves by means of the material organism."

     Reference: A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife By Victor James Zammit


Immortality of the Soul


"We who are immortal cannot know death, but we can create the illusion of it on the physical plane. This illusion is not part of our lives in the nonphysical realm, where we are ever aware of both our eternality and our unity with all souls."

... "As an angel" ... "told us, the nonphysical dimensions are but a hair's breadth from us, overlapping and encompassing the physical."

     Reference: Your Soul's Plan By Robert Schwartz (Previously published as Courageous Souls)


Soul Development


"As we grow, we must take responsibility for our personal life and our spiritual evolution. It's not enough to simply believe, hope, and pray. We must act by taking focused spiritual action, for we possess the God-given ability to experience and enjoy the ultimate spiritual realities. However, it is up to us to recognize and experience our full creative and spiritual potential. Nothing stands in our way but our own self-induced limitations. The sooner we embrace our spiritual responsibility, the faster we will reclaim our place in the pure realms of spirit."

... "It is essential that we take spiritual action in order to propel our consciousness away from the dense gravity field of matter. The great spiritual masters throughout history were well aware of this fact. Buddha instructed us to detach from the physical world and release the attachments and desires that bind us to matter. Jesus taught us to seek first the kingdom of God with all our heart and our entire mind. If you examine the teachings of any spiritual master you will hear a resounding call for spiritual action. Belief and faith are only first steps of spirituality."

... "Those who doubt the potential or speed of this spiritual awakening process should keep in mind that time and space are fleeting perceptions based only in matter. Soul or pure awareness simply is. Soul exists beyond the concepts of time, space, and form. No external force is keeping us from the spiritual realms. We have separated ourselves from self-realization and God realization. We possess the God-given ability, through our focused spiritual actions, to experience our spiritual essence right now."

     Reference: The Secret of the Soul By William Buhlman


Soul Mastery


Mastering the Self - "How does one come to be a master at anything? With diligence, focus, repetition, and constant surveillance of what is being created and how it is being created. What I mean is this, if for instance you have a particular gift that is unique to you, you can shun this gift or you can Master it. You figure out what works best for you in the development of yourself with your own gifts and how you can utilize them towards a better understanding of yourself."

... "The world as you know it changes once you set yourself upon a course of action to master something, anything in life. To master something does not mean always that you will arrive at your specific destination at some point and say 'hey - I'm now a master of this!', and then move onto the next thing. Self mastery is about learning the quirks, the shakes, and the movements of who and how you are."

... "To master one self or to master something, you must be willing to let go, to allow life to show you the ropes and to surrender to what you are seeking."

     Reference: Discovering and Living Your Soul's Purpose By Deborah Skye King


Soul Karma


About Karma - "It is important to remember that you do not have to agree with something to accept it. You can disagree with the situation and still accept that that's the way it is. Handling karmic situations is like playing 'jacks.' You have your hands full of jacks, and you can spread them out and decide which game you want to play. You can play any game you want, but you have to pick them up. You can pick them up one at a time, and that is easy. Almost everybody can do 'onesies,' although it may take a long time to pick them up. But you never try for 'allsies' until you've accomplished onesies, twosies, threesies, etc. Then, when you have done all the easy ones, you have to go on to something more complicated." ...

"The trick is not to get so caught up in the game that you think you are the game." ... "You are much more than your present karmic situation. You are much more than the personality you express this lifetime. It is just something you play out until you are finished with it. Then you let it go, release it, quit playing, and the karma is released."

"As long as you are living in any of the lower/negative realms, you have some karma. If you had no more karma, you would leave the lower realms and be established on the Soul realm or higher. Even though you have karma here, you can keep your own house in order, taking care of things immediately as they appear on the scene. When something happens that really disturbs you, get up instantly and release it. If it is with another person, go to that other person and clear it. If it is something within you, to work with yourself to change it and bring it into balance so that you are happy and comfortable with yourself." ... "If you learn from the disturbance, you will be free from it. If you do not learn, the experience will come around again and again, to give you another chance. Problems are beautiful because every time you accomplish or overcome a problem, your wisdom and your knowledge grow."

     Reference: Journey of a Soul by John Roger of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA)


Soul Care


Some suggestions for spiritual self-care: Make time for reflection, spend time with nature, find a spiritual connection or community, be open to inspiration, be open to not knowing, meditate, pray, sing, contribute to causes in which you believe and read inspirational literature (talks, music, etc.)

     Reference: Spiritual Preparedness Handbook By Humanity Healing


Soul Work


About Soul Work on the astral plane - "Astronomers are mystified by the fact that there is some unknown form of energy contributing to the total density of our universe acting against gravity to expand empty space. I have reported that a musical resonance of intelligent energy waves appears to play a role in cosmology."

... "Harmonics are associated with 'rhythmic values of energy notes which have ratios and proportions.' My subjects who are Structural Souls say these designs relate to the formation of 'geometric shapes that float as elastic patterns,' which contribute to the building blocks of a living universe."

... "The Masters of Design have enormous influence on creation. I'm told they are capable of bridging universes that seem not to have a beginning or end, exacting their purposes among countless environmental settings. Carried to its logical conclusion, this would mean these masters - or grandmasters - would be capable of creating the spinning gas clouds of galactic matter which started the process of stars, planets and eventual life in our universe."

     Reference: Destiny of Souls By Michael Newton




What is a Soul Clinic?


A Soul Clinic is a place for people with problems to receive pastoral counseling from a trained ULC minister who does not require them to believe a specific doctrine.


S.O.U.L. Clinic Course


Recommended Books:


Born to Win By Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward

Client-Centered Therapy By Carl Rogers

On Becoming a Person By Carl Rogers

A Laymanís Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis By Eric Berne, MD

Iím OK; Youíre OK By Thomas Harris, MD

What Do You Say After You Say Hello By Eric Berne, MD

Toward a Psychology of Being By Abraham Maslow

Person to Person By Carl Rogers

Gestalt Therapy By Frederick Perls and Paul Goodman

Joy By William Schutz

Here Comes Everybody By William Schutz

Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups By Carl Rogers

Reality Therapy By William Glasser

Schools Without Failure By William Glasser

Psychotherapy East and West By Alan Watts

Manís Search for Meaning By Victor Franki

Handbook to Higher Consciousness By Ken Keys, Jr.

The Way of the Initiate By Roy Eugene Davis

Secrets of Inner Power By Roy Eugene Davis

Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peele

Be Here Now By Baba Ram Doss

The Book By Alan Watts

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World By Harry Browne

A Primer of Freudian Psychology By Calvin Hall

Awareness By John O. Stephens

A New Connection By John Frykman



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These resources are provided as additional information for use with the SOUL WORK Workshop taught by Mary Catherine "Cathy" Miller.

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