SPIRIT WORK Workshop Outline and Resources


SPIRIT WORK is a two-hour workshop online supporting the Spirit-Quest eight-month home study course offered through the Universal Life Church (ULC) Seminary Program. This course is designed to put you on the fast track to spiritual fulfillment through spiritual growth and understanding.


* NOTE: SPIRIT WORK is not directly associated with the Spirit-Quest Home Study Course or the Universal Life Church. This workshop is intended to complement the Spirit-Quest home studies for students previously or currently enrolled in the Spirit-Quest Home Study Course. Enrollment in the course is available on the ULC Seminary website.


SPIRIT WORK Online Workshop:




Quote of the day: Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. - SPIRIT WORK online workshop



Quote from "Ten Stepping Stones to Forgiveness" by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky in "Heal Better with Forgiveness"






Workshop Outline:


      I.        Setting Spiritual Goals

    II.        Forgiveness

   III.        Grounding

  IV.        Soul Retrieval

   V.        Protection

  VI.        Moving Energy

 VII.        Creating Your Own Reality

VIII.        Chakras




Workshop Notes


I.      Setting Spiritual Goals


Ask yourself these questions when setting spiritual goals:

·         What are my spiritual goals?

·         Are these goals a good fit for me and for my deepest spiritual beliefs?

·         Are my beliefs inclusive? (Do I embrace a spiritual journey open to all possibilities?)

·         Do I use new ways of thinking to achieve my goals?

·         Are my goals simple, clear and concise?

·         Can I see the possibility of attaining my goals as I have set them?

·         How do I expect to achieve these goals?

·         What conditions in my life will help or hinder me?

·         What effect will my plans have on others around me?

·         Will my goals expand me or restrict me?

·         What are my inner beliefs and my self image that condition my goals?


List your life goals:

·         List what each goal will bring to your life. (What will it really do for you?)

·         Identify solutions to any barriers to success.

·         Establish short-term phases of goal accomplishment.

·         Make your personal contract for goal completion.

·         Practice living from the heart.



I am a confident person.

I can see myself achieving my goals.

I welcome success in each step toward my goals.

I am a positive-thinking person.

I am happy to move forward on my path.

I believe in myself and in my own abilities.

I love to say, "I can," "I will" and "I have."

I am successful in all areas of my life.

I am thankful for my success.

I am in control in all that I do.

I enjoy my spiritual journey.

Being positive and believing in myself gives me the confidence to succeed.

I am confident in my success.

I can. I will. I have.



Inspirational Journal - Setting Spiritual Goals




II.    Forgiveness


Forgiveness is letting go:

·         Choose to let go of wrong done to you.

·         Choose to let go of wrong done by you.

·         Choosing to forgive is reclaiming your energy for positive use. Forgiving frees you from the bondage, the slavery, of resentment. Free yourself. Choose to live in peace and joy by forgiving.

·         Holding onto resentment affects our own spiritual, emotional and physical health in a negative way.

·         "Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."

·         Forgive because you choose a life of joy one step closer to God; not because the other person needs, desires or deserves your forgiveness.

·         Your pain is YOUR pain. You own it. Because you own it you can choose what to do with it. You can change what is a part of you.

·         You can't change other people because they have their free will. You can choose to change yourself. Take ownership of what is part of you. Ownership means responsibility. You are responsible for what is part of you. Choose to let go of what is not serving your greater good.



Forgiveness… a Spiritual Exercise for a Healthier Life



Ten Stepping Stones to Forgiveness by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky

1)    Change your beliefs about forgiveness.

a.    (Forgiveness is an act of strength, not one of weakness.)

2)    Stop being a victim - you do have a choice.

a.    (Choose to believe that holding on to grievances and unforgiving thoughts is choosing to suffer.)

3)    Anger and judgment can only hurt you.

a.    (You can't change the past. Past events can't hurt you. Your emotional pain is cause by your own thoughts.)

4)    Be nonjudgmental.

a.    (See the value of giving up all of your judgments. The happiest people choose not to judge and know the value of forgiveness.)

5)    Don't hold on to anger.

a.    (It will not bring you what you truly want. Ask yourself this question, "Does holding on to my anger really bring me peace of mind?" Anger and peace, judgment and happiness do not occur at the same time.)

6)    Don't punish yourself.

a.    (Your own thoughts about the past may be causing you to suffer. There is no value in punishing yourself, so choose to stop. Choose to love yourself and others.)

7)    Accept your past.

a.    (Believe that forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. Forgive your past. Then you can be more present and see the future with hope.)

8)    Choose to be happy rather than right.

a.    (Stop trying to control others. Focus instead on your own thoughts. Give yourself the gift of freedom and peace.)

9)    You have the power to choose the thoughts you put into your mind.

a.    (Your mind is affected by all the thoughts you allow to live there. Treat it like a well-tended garden and it will bloom.)

10)  Make peace of mind your only goal and believe that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

a.    (Focus on the goal of having internal peace. See yourself as the one in charge of whether you are happy. Release strong negative emotions and let positives come in.)



Heal Better with Forgiveness



III. Grounding


Grounding a live electrical wire is giving the "wild" energy someplace safe to go.

Grounding yourself is a similar practice.


Use your imagination to move the focus of your consciousness to a center point in your head where thought arises from. Follow with the focus of your consciousness through your internal nervous system down the brainstem and spinal cord all the way to the base of the spine.


From there take the focus of your consciousness beyond your physical body down to ground and beyond, all the way to the center of the earth. Imagine that all this distance your consciousness has traveled is connected to you and to the center of the earth by a cord, string, ribbon or wire. This is your grounding cord connecting you to Mother Earth. You can maintain this connection while you go about your daily tasks because your grounding cord moves with you. Like the grounding cord on the live electrical wire, your grounding cord allows you to vent off all the excess "wild" energy that isn't serving your greater good.


Mother Earth is the transformer for all this wild energy, sending it where it needs to go and in the form that best serves the needs. As you release unserving thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and any other undesired energies and let them go with gratitude, bring your focus back into your physical and spiritual body.


Any gaps in your energy field left from releasing unwanted energy are refilled with the light of God. Imagine the pure light and love of God filling all the gaps in your energy field with abundant vibrant loving energy until your energy field glows with the golden light of God's countenance that shines down on you and embraces your soul with peace and love.


You can release your grounding cord any time you need to and restore it anytime as well. Create a grounding cord to Mother Earth whenever you desire.


Ground to Earth in many ways.


Any connection you make to nature is a way of grounding yourself.  Sit on a rock. Hold a small stone. Lean against a tree. Touch a leaf. Sift through the soil of a potted plant. Grasp a gemstone. Run water over your hands. As you make a physical or imagined connection to anything of nature, take in a focused breath while contemplating the inspiration of nature and breathe out gently while considering the expiration of excess nonserving energy back to nature with gratitude for its releasement. Nature will move the energy where it needs to go without your will or knowledge required. As your bring your focus to center and connect with nature, you re-establish your grounding cord and strengthen your spirit.



Grounding, Centering & Shielding



Develop a spiritual practice of a centering prayer.


Choose a sacred word as the symbol for your intention to allow Divine presence and action within. Your sacred word might be om, shalom, abba, Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, peace, love or any other sacred word of your choice.


As you sit comfortable with your spine in good alignment, bring your sacred word into your thoughts. Speak your sacred word aloud or in your thoughts as your mantra as you begin to pray.


As your thoughts drift away, bring them back into focus by repeating your mantra of your sacred word and allow the stillness to be the opening for Divine presence. As you become more grounded in Divine nature, your thoughts will be more focused, your attention more aware and your listening will deepen. Be open for any Divine response to your prayer.


At the end of your prayer time, offer a prayer of gratitude, knowing that you have received Divine presence, even if you are not consciously aware of it at the time. It may be revealed to you at a later time in your conscious awareness or in your dreams.



Centering Prayer: A Spiritual Tool in Challenging Times



IV. Soul Retrieval


Pieces of you:


When you release old energies you create space in your countenance for other energies to replace them. You can fill that space with your own energy or with the celestial golden light of Divine love. Be aware that as you move about and interact with people, places and things a bit of your energy field remains behind.

You leave an imprint or a bit of your energy everywhere you go. A place you've been to a lot feels comfortable to you partly because so much of your energy is stored there. Some people call these bits of energy left behind "soul fragments." When you start to feel that you are not quite yourself it may be because so much of your energy is elsewhere. You can take some time to retrieve your energy or soul fragments with focused meditation. For fragments left in trauma it is advisable to seek assistance from someone with professional training; but for the bits left here and there sit quietly and call them home with gratitude. Ground yourself and begin your meditation practice.


Soul Retrieval Meditation:


As you begin your meditation, allow your consciousness to scan across your body, spirit and aura taking note of shady areas, areas out of focus or open spaces, gaps in your field of energy. Remember that you can fill these spaces with your own energy or with Divine light. Let your heart guide you and trust Divine love.


Imagine a bright warm glowing sun of pure love shining down on you. This sun is the Divine light of unconditional love devoted to your best interest. The glow of this sun is a perfect warm comfortable temperature and envelopes you with the peaceful feeling of absolute love.


As your awareness of the spaces in your energy that need filling becomes known to Divine light, smaller orbs of Divine light float out to fill those spaces with light and love. These glowing orbs travel wherever they need to go. Some travel far away to gather fragments of your energy left behind. Others move directly to you, bringing Divine light and love to fill your spaces. Those that gather your energy bits left behind call your soul fragments to themselves, warm them, caress them, welcome them, and clear them. Then they bring your clear, warm fragments back to you to fill your spaces with your own energy and seal them with Divine love.


Continue this process, welcoming each clear warm loving energy until you can imagine a scan that finds no spaces that need filling.


Express your love, appreciation and gratitude for each soul fragment restored to the whole. Express your gratitude to the sun of Divine love and all the orbs that return to it.


Take a moment to give your consciousness the opportunity to integrate all your energy.



Soul Retrieval Script

http://www.dw-magazine.net/issues/07-08%20PDFs/sep-oct07/Sep 07 - Pg 17-18 - Sutphen-CMTK.pdf


V. Protection


Protection from energy or negativity assault is an important spiritual practice.

Your own personal force field of protection can be turned on anywhere you may be.


White Light of Protection:

·         Sit comfortably and take some slow deep breaths.

·         Imagine White Light coming down from above and entering your body through the crown of your head.

·         Visualize the White Light filling every part of your body and soul.

·         Fill any dark spaces in your energy with the White Light.

·         When your body and mind are completely filled with the White Light imagine a little of that light peeking out through your solar plexus.

·         Then see it surround your body like an egg shell of protective White Light.

·         Know that you are totally protected.



White Light of Protection



VI. Moving Energy


Moving energy:


Moving energy can occur through the process of creating and destroying.

If energy is stuck, clear a path for it. Demolition of damaged or unwanted structures opens a space for new development in buildings and in thought patterns. The universe detests a void and seeks to fill it. Energy flows like water into open spaces.


Make a space for energy to flow and creation will follow. This is the Yin Yang concept of balance. We are always creating and destroying. The process is energy in motion. When you are feeling stuck, ask yourself what in your life has become nonserving and determine if it is time to let it go. Releasing makes room for energy to move again.


Visual Flow Technique:


Select a flowing substance that you like. (water, air, light) and imagine that your entire body is filled with that substance. This substance represents energy. Concentrate on the feel of this substance. Imagine its scent, taste, movement and even the sound it might make within you. Lose your senses in it if you can. Imagine all of this substance flowing in toward your chest, gathering there, and then imagine it flowing down your arm, into your hand. Hold your hand out in front of you, or simply focus on your hand and envision it pooling in your fingertips. The substance stays within your skin. Let it circulate within your hand and back into your chest. Note down any sensations you experience while doing this, and pay particular attention to the thought, feel and awareness of the movement of energy.



Learning Energy Manipulation - The Basics



VII. Creating Your Own Reality


We create our reality from our thoughts, feelings, choices and beliefs.


Here are a few of the basics for creating your own reality.


State a positive affirmation out loud.



Whatever I can conceive, I believe.

If I see it in my mind, I am going to hold it in my hand.

The Universe provides me with all that I will ever need.

Beauty is the breath of my soul.

I see beauty everywhere I go.

I experience the world in all its glory.

My life is one big adventure.

I celebrate life.

Inspiration flows easily to me.

Opportunities arrive at the right time in the right place

I am divinely guided in all that I do.

Miracles manifest everyday in wondrous ways!

My prayers are always answered, in support of my dreams!

Love and gratitude…Thank you, thank you, thank you.


1. Repeat the thought over and over again.

2. Use present tense.

3. Use positive terms.



Manifesting - create your own reality



What is your reality?


Your reality is based on many things, including:


    * The environment and culture of where you were raised

    * The things that you have experienced in life

    * Social conditioning and what media has led you to believe

    * Feedback and advice from others that you trust


How to create your own reality:


1.    Realize that you are not the box.

a.    You are not the box that you are trapped in. In other words, you are not your mind. You are neither your past nor your projected future. If you were shy in the past there is nothing stopping you from performing actions now that are perceived as confident. If you take confident actions, are you still a shy person? Realize that the contents of our mind are nothing more than that and should hold no grasp on your actions or beliefs. Since you are not the box, you are not limited to the design of the box. You can choose how you define yourself, perform the actions of who you decide to be, and, thus, be who you choose to be.

2.    Practice being fully present.

a.    Presence is operating in the NOW with the understanding that psychologically you cannot be doing things in the past or future, only the present. As you give thought to a current problem you come to realize that you can either accept it or take action. Either way there is no reason for this problem to take up a lot of your mind activity and energy. Everything that happens is happening in the now. Meditation and breath work are good ways to practice being fully present. Focusing on your inner energy as well as concentrating on the stillness and silence of your surroundings, being aware of every aspect will help you to be aware of being fully present.

3.    Know what you would love to do.

a.    It’s easy to miss out on knowing what you would truly love to do simply because you may not believe that it would possible. Our box often keeps us constricted into thinking that we shouldn’t be too adventurous and that we should stick to the things we know. It’s easier to believe that those who do what they love are just lucky. So ask yourself this question: “If money and society were no issue and anything was possible, what would I love to do?” Allow yourself to think freely, connect to your core and identify what you are passionate about. Connect to things you enjoy or have enjoyed and consider what it was about them that you just loved doing. Then consider what you could do that would give you that joy and allow yourself to consider new possibilities for making that happen.

4.    Map out the way to get there.

a.    If you have a dream and wait for fate or some other magical force to take over your life and bring it to you, you are making excuses. You have to get involved in bringing to your life what you desire. The Law of Attraction works because you work it; you plan for it, you prepare for it and you take the necessary steps while watching for opportunities and seizing them. Get education, attend conferences and workshops, read trade publications, talk to people involved in the field you want to be in, start networking and get involved in things related to what you love to do as you move step by step into to your niche. Once you know what you love to do, map out a step by step plan of how you are going to pursue it and who you want to be when you’re there. Hold a positive perspective as you review the steps you need to take and let go of limiting beliefs that may be untrue and unserving. If you truly love something, develop the “whatever it takes” attitude to follow your map to its destination.

5.    Network with others on the same path.

a.    Knowing that there are others faced with the same challenges and goals can be motivation and comfort on your journey. Involve yourself in local and online groups, forums and social networks for those preparing to do and doing what you love to do. As you observe others breaking out of their current reality to realize their dreams your belief that what you are setting out to achieve is possible will grow. Seeing other successful in attaining their goals like yours gives you the extra motivation and confidence that you can lead the life you want to live.

6.    Imprint your creation into your life.

a.    Incorporate your passion into your business, wealth or education creation. Start to imprint into your core whatever it is that you desire to do with your life and merge into your reality. Use affirmations, make a vision board and create positive videos related to the realization of your goals to give you “mind movies” to play visually and play over again in your head. What you can see happening you can bring into your life.


Where now?


   1. Remove your limitations

   2. Find out what it is you want to do

   3. Believe that you deserve everything that comes your way

   4. Live and breathe that life, realizing that it is possible

   5. Enjoy creating and living your own reality



Create Your Own Reality in 6 Steps



VIII. Chakras




A chakra is an energy center or non-physical organ of the body that absorbs and releases energy to and from the body. The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel." These wheels of energy are always in motion moving energy. Chakras are considered balanced when energy flows freely to and from the body. A balanced chakra supports well-being and groundedness for the organs, feelings and experiences associated with it. Chakras are considered out or balance when energy flow is sluggish or blocked, and well-being is impaired for body systems, feelings and experiences associated with it.


These are the seven major chakras:

1.    The root chakra, associated with the color red, is at the base of the spine and holds basic needs for survival, security and safety. It is powerfully related to keeping us grounded to the Earth.

2.    The sacral chakra, associated with the color orange,  is a little below the navel and holds deep emotion and creativity. It supports open social interaction.

3.    The solar plexus chakra, associated with the color yellow, is a little above the navel and holds the ego, passion and personal power. It is also the seat of "gut instincts" or intuition.

4.    The heart chakra, associated with the color green or pink, is in the center of the chest and holds the body, mind, spirit connection or the seat of the soul. It directs the individual's love and compassion.

5.    The throat chakra, associated with the color blue, is in the V of collarbone at the lower neck and holds expression through speech, thought and writing. It gives us our voice figuratively and literally.

6.    The brow chakra, associated with the color indigo, is in the center of the forehead at the third eye and holds perception and intellect. It guides our higher intuition and ability to put our experiences into perspective.

7.    The crown chakra, associated with the color violet or white, is just behind the top of the skull and holds our connection to Divine Source. It stimulates inspiration, enlightenment and inner wisdom.






Balancing the Chakras:


Balance or align the chakras by putting the spine in alignment and imagining pure white or violet light from Divine Source flowing through the crown chakra, down the spine, all the way through all the seven major chakras and beyond, into Mother Earth. Then send a beam of golden light down through all the chakras to align them and support their spin.


Alignment of the chakras:

1.    Picture the first chakra as a red wheel or disk at the bottom of the spine; the spine filled with golden light being the center of this wheel/disk. In your mind’s eye, locate the chakra and start and spin the chakra wheel clockwise until it is spinning very fast. Concentrate on steadying the wheel so that it doesn’t wobble. The center of the wheel is on the middle line of the body. See the golden beam of energy up and down the center of the body as an axle keeping the wheel in alignment. Keep the first chakra wheel spinning and see how the red light spreads around the body.

2.    Now start the same procedure with the second chakra, located at the level of the navel, envision the color orange.

3.    Align the third chakra using the color yellow, located at the level of the solar plexus, while the first two chakras are still spinning and spreading their colors.

4.    Align the fourth chakra using the color green or pink, located at the level of the heart, while the first three chakras are still spinning and spreading their colors.

5.    Align the fifth chakra using the color light blue, located at the level of the throat, while the other four chakras are still spinning and spreading their colors.

6.    Align the sixth chakra using the color indigo blue, located between the eyes, while the other chakras are still spinning and spreading their colors.

7.     Align the seventh chakra using the color purple, located on top of the head, while the other chakras are still spinning and spreading their colors.


Hold this vision of all chakra wheels spinning and enveloped in a column of all the colors of the rainbow.



How to Balance the Energy-System



IX. The Power of Positive Speaking


Positive thinking is imperative to create your world properly, effectively, and in a desirable fashion. Your use of language is a level of thinking that can be a challenge to clear of negativity. Wouldn't it surprise you to know that the structure of your speech can be a major factor that stops you from getting the things that you need the most?


Because you live in a highly structured and technical society, a major part of your life includes the manipulation of words -- spoken and written. Everywhere you go confronts you with words: billboards: street signs, instructions, reading materials. The use of words is so much a part of you that you even think to yourself using these words.


Thinking (your inward communication) directly influences the way your unconscious mind processes your wants, desires, and wishes. Your unconscious mind takes its cues from your inner thoughts and words to create the various mental waves it sends off. If those thoughts and words possess excess negativity, your unconscious mental waves will also possess that negativity and create a world that reflects that negativity.


The phrase "I feel great!" will make active a set of mental pathways that will lead you toward feeling great. Physical reality's group consciousness decided that the word "great" should indicate a certain state of being. The creation process will do its best to cause the changes associated with that particular word or word phrase.


To make the unconscious process of speaking semiconscious, you must listen to yourself. Listening to yourself, as you converse with others, will begin to awaken your conscious mind to your speaking routine. Try replaying a conversation you just had in your mind, looking more at the structure of what you said rather than the overall meaning.


Ask yourself these questions:


    * What words did I choose?

    * Why did I choose those words?

    * With those words and phrases, what kind of emotional connotation did they have?

    * Are the words predominately positive or negative in nature?


Once you discover a negative phrase you are using, change it.


For example, change "That's a problem!" to "That's a challenge!" Problems are painful and difficult to overcome. Challenges, on the other hand, are fun and, therefore, become easier to overcome. When you overcome a problem, you sigh a relief. However, when you conquer a challenge, you yell a cheer.


Here's another example. The negative phrase "He's sick!" can be changed to "He's not well!" The word sick implies a condition that is undesirable and unchangeable. However, the condition of being not well implies that the individual is usually healthy, but is indisposed at the moment.


Transposing the phrases from negative to positive changes the way in which your unconscious mind interprets your thoughts. As far as the outside world concerns itself, the change is negligible. However, when that wording becomes decoded and sent into the creation process, it makes all the difference in the world!


Also, be aware! Your unconscious mind knows nothing about the idea of negation. The phrase "I'm not confused!" has the same meaning as "I'm confused!" The word "confused" passes into the creation process -- where, the state of confusion gets crreated. A better way to indicate confusion is by saying, "I'm not thinking clearly today!" With this more positive phrase, the word "clearly" gets sent into the creation process, and that word's mental pathways become active.


Mainly concern yourself with those negative phrases that you use repeatedly. Saying the negative phrase "That's awful!" once or twice is not going to make much difference. However, you repeatedly saying that's awful -- day in and day out, ten or fifteen times a day -- will start to create the state of awful within your life.


As you begin to rid yourself of negative phrases and substitute a more positive phrase in its place, your reality will begin to change. The negativity caused by that phrase will cease. In time, the positiveness will gain as much momentum and strength as its negative predecessor did.


Here is a list of common speaking phrases that people use and a more positive one to replace it with:


Negative -     Positive

I'm confused! - I'm not thinking clearly!

I feel awful! - I feel out of sorts today!

I'm getting tired! - I need a rest!

You're a Jerk! - You're different!

I'm going to be late again! - I wish I could be on time!

He hates me! - He does not like me!

It was a failure! - It was not successful!

That was a bad thing to do! - That was not a proper thing to do!


These are just a few examples to get you headed in the right direction. There are many phrases that you and only you use. Those phrases you will have to discover on your own. The idea is to examine everything. Go through your use of language with a fine tooth-comb. Some of the things you say will surprise you!



Positive Thinking through Positive Speaking







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These resources are provided as additional information for use with the SPIRIT WORK Workshop taught by Mary Catherine "Cathy" Miller.

For more information, see http://www.nursehealer.com