Ascension Class # 2

Class Description:


This class is on ascension. An overview of different philosophies on ascension will be provided. Ascension is the evolution of consciousness and human biology in accordance with the laws of physics within a multidimensional universe. The process of ascension is simply moving upward on the dimensional scale by virtue of raising the energetic vibration of the body, mind, and spirit. It is moving beyond the denseness of the physical body into the harmonic field of oneness.


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Ascension Article from NurseHealer Newsletter December 2010:

     What would you expect a discussion about faith to be like? Sometimes people are referring to the name of their religion when they are speaking of their "faith". Other times they may be speaking of a deep inner conviction of belief. Sometimes we use the word "faith" in referring to confidence as in declaring that we come "faith" in a system, a plan or another person. We may say that we are of the same "faith" as another or a group when referring to any code of ethics or beliefs. We could be speaking of loyalty or fidelity when we make a promise in good "faith." A person of high moral character or religious belief might be referred to as a man of "faith." Having "faith" may refer to a simple belief or a profound spiritual experience.

     So if we could mean so many different things in a discussion about "faith" imagine how many varying things we might be referring to when we discuss "ascension." Thus is the dilemma in deciphering the myriad of theories, beliefs and precepts related to ascension. You may follow along for awhile in complete comprehension of a set of ideas only to discover that the originator isn't talking about ascension in the same manner as you were understanding it. It's like discovering that you've misread a key word in a story for 150 pages. Unless you start over with the new understanding, you can't make sense of it. It reminds me of the time when I was quite young that someone gave me the book, "Paul Bunyan" to read. It was a strange tale as it was; but some of the words were way above my reading level for my young age. I was three quarters of the way through the book when I asked my grandmother what "mos-quin-toes" were. She was baffled until I showed her, and, trying to keep a straight face she told me that the word I had been trying to read through much of the book was "mosquitoes." I had read so much thinking that what I was reading about was some strange object I had never heard of that when I discovered the word referred to insects I lost my desire to even finish the book. It hadn't made much sense; but the only I could have enjoyed it would have been to re-read the whole thing. It is just as easy to become disheartened when trying to understand ascension. If we had a descriptive paragraph for every article, book, video or discussion on ascension that told us which meaning of the word "ascension" the author was referring to, we could avoid this disillusionment.

These are a few categories that the word "ascension" may refer to:


     Modern philosophies concerning ascension may combine one or more of those categories while using the term in a completely different context. 

     Often authors use the word "ascension" to refer to a change in state of the body, soul and/or spirit. The type of change is widely varied between authors who may have some agreement with one another or even be in complete opposition on key points.

     On January 15, 2011 at 1 PM I will present the full 2-hour class on Ascension in Bedford, Texas. Seating is limited and registration required for the no-cost class in Bedford.

     The category of ascension that I address is spiritual transformation.

Here is a brief Ascension FAQ in Question/Answer format.

Q - Does the body transform as well?

     A - Yes, the body, spirit and soul are interconnected. A change in one has an effect upon the others.

Q - Will everyone ascend?

     A - Yes. Ascension is a process, not a goal. We are all, as is all of creation, transforming. The rate or speed of transformation is related to the denseness of the individual's spirit body and the amount of resistance within them. We are also ascending from different starting points. The object of ascension is not to beat someone else to the finish. There IS no finish. If you declare, I have ascended, then what more is there for you to do? You serve yourself better by declaring, I am ascending, honoring the process and moving with the flow of God and nature.

Q - Can someone choose not to ascend?

     A - Life without choice is inconsistent with the governing laws of this creation. Therefore, despite the answer to the previous question, the answer is yes. Yes, a person can choose not to ascend in this lifetime on this planet in this incarnation. And to reiterate the answer to the previous question, yes, everyone will ascend. Some may simply do so after this life.

     I will not be addressing in class the after-life experience of the soul or spirit. You will discover that soon enough, and it will be, more of less, what you expect or believe it will be.

Key points of ascension:

When in doubt, breathe. Life is in breath. Listen to it, feel it, know it, taste it, appreciate it, love it, listen to it.


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Exercise #1:

List three things you’d personally like to do before the year 2012. They can be anything at all.

1.      ______________________________________________________

2.      ______________________________________________________

3.      ______________________________________________________

Exercise 2:

List ten things you could do to help yourself, others, and the planet through ascension.

1.       _________________________________________________________________

2.       _________________________________________________________________

3.       _________________________________________________________________

4.       _________________________________________________________________

5.       _________________________________________________________________

6.       _________________________________________________________________

7.       _________________________________________________________________

8.       _________________________________________________________________

9.       _________________________________________________________________

10.    _________________________________________________________________


1.       5 Pillars Towards Soul Purpose

2.       Ascension – What it Means to Us Now, Today

3.       Galactic Consciousness Cycle Timing

4.       The 7th Day

5.       The Journey Begins

6.       What is Ascension

7.       Ascension - How to

8.       The Dance of Resistance

9.       Ascension Meditation


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Ascension Class Outline # 2




·        The harmonious flow of God in creation

·         Reference #2. - Ascension – What it Means to Us Now, Today

o   Ascension propels the earth into a state one hundred times more harmonious than before.

o   Constantly attempt to share the love of the Creator as your inner self knows it to be.

o   Accept yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself.

o   A spiritual person touches all whom they meet by the radiance that they give off of self-acceptance and self-understanding.

o   Once this becomes the guiding force of your actions your speech becomes more fluid.

·        Minimize resistance. (Go with the flow.)

·         Reference #8 - The Dance of Resistance

o   Realize that by resisting the flow of events in your life, you are only complicating, and prolonging your discomfort. However, the act of non-resistance is not passivity.

o   Recognizing the situation with acceptance, and taking responsibility for creating it takes much courage and strength.

o   This is the way all of the problems of the world cease.

o   Those who realize that they create their own problems can begin to distract themselves with something else, or discontinue resisting, and the problem will naturally go away.

o   Let your heart and mind join in this understanding, that all that you resist and push away will only come with stronger force.

o   Those things which you want to eliminate will go away by the act of non-resistance.

·        Transformation brings enlightenment

·         Reference #7 - Ascension - How to

o   Ascension is transcension with a sense of 'upward' movement; the goal is wholeness.

o   Enlightment is the act of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.

o   To enlighten means to free from fears and limits, to shed light upon.

o   The light is awareness, an expression of Self in a fearless and whole state of BEING. It is clear and direct.

o   Each ray of Light is a possibility unblocked, a connection of Oneness between two aspects of All.

o   Time does not exist as a basic reality for Light; it is everywhere/everything in NOW.

o   By ascending you indeed become Light, but it is your conscious choice and effort.

·        Release non-serving programming

·         Reference #1 - 5 Pillars Towards Soul Purpose

o   We are governed by Energetic Laws of Principle and Consciousness in this Multiverse.

o   One of these laws is the Law of Transformation -

o   Be willing and open to change by surrendering to Divine Will. Clear fear belief systems and the negative ego expressions that influence you from the collective human unconscious mind.

o   Affirmation: I leave human order and choose divine order in all things.

·        Align with the divine plan

·         Reference #6. - What is Ascension

o   To go through this shift one must prepare and adjust one's way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with the soul purpose and true divine essence.

o   Surrender and acceptance are two main characteristics we will need to allow to permeate through us to facilitate an easier time.

·        Meditate to refuel (Be still and know that I am God.)

·         Reference #9 - Ascension Meditation

o   Through ascension meditation, the subject is believed to become an instrument of universal love, light, wisdom and power – the hand of the Divine.

o   To prepare for ascension, there are several steps. 

o   Engage in consideration, deliberation, or prayer on a daily basis to maintain contact with your own inner spirit. 

o   Concentrate on that inner spirit during the course of the day. 

o   Detach from worldly things. 

o   Regular exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi strengthens the circuits of energy through the body. 

o   Keep the chakras and energy centers clear of contamination through meditations and exercises.

o   Attune to your inner teachers for insight.

o   Ascension is a process of consciously evolving into one’s higher self. 

o   Ascension meditation helps the practitioner to rise above the normal way of thinking and being in the world and to find oneness with spiritual existence.

·        The embodiment of light

·         Reference #3. - Galactic Consciousness Cycle Timing

o   7th "Day" Nov. 3rd, 2010 - Oct. 28th, 2011

·         Reference #4. - The 7th Day

o   To maximize the incoming influx of light energies and to better handle the rapid changes, it is very important to stay grounded.

o   Incorporate a daily movement practice such as qigong, tai chi, yoga; meditation; perform ceremonies and rituals, even just lighting a candle and offering a prayer; practice kindness and compassion; maintain a good diet and a positive attitude; and go with the universal flow of sacred energies by following the Mayan Sacred Calendar – the Tzolkin.

o   As we enter into the Seventh Day, let us embrace the ascending spiral of light with a flame of hope and gratitude in our hearts.

·        New concepts of communication

·         Reference #5. - The Journey Begins

o   "Multidimensional Consciousness" is the ability to be "conscious" of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below the third dimension.

Additional Ascension Class Resources:


Ascension Guidelines

Ascension .Taking care of your light body through meditation and alignment.



THE MAYAN SIXTH DAY Begins on November 13, 2008

Tzolkin Date: 13 IMIX

11th of 13 Heavens (7 Days and 6 Nights of Creation) of the Galactic Cycle

The Sixth Day heralds a time of flowering for the plant - awakening, unfolding, opening up to new possibilities. Most scholars use the words “enlightenment” and “renaissance” to define this creative period. Historically, the Sixth Day on other levels or cycles corresponded to the invention of tools, first attempts at agriculture and building shelter; the European Renaissance itself; and the flower children movement of the 1960's.



Galactic Consciousness Cycle Timing



Ascension How-to

by Nandor Gyerman


"Ascension How-to" is a short and very compact handbook on the topic of ascension, dealing with core aspects of spirituality. I explore the concepts of ascension, fearlessness, healing, love, empowerment, consciousness and personal growth - providing the reader with direct and useful information. Enjoy!

164 KB

87 pages




by Jennifer Gratz


The poet of our time, Jennifer Gratz, writes yet another of her MANY intriguing poems at, this one being about a depiction of Spirituality in a visual, tangible way, taking her readers to spiritual heights, once again.

38 KB

1 page




by Rev. Dr. Yb-lem Oskowitz


Real Life Research. A Book Of Shadows.

9.39 MB

80 pages



Universal Consciousness

by Daniel Jones


Article on Universal Consciousness

30 KB

3 pages



Is Consciousness Real?

by David Lane


Argues that consciousness is a product of the brain and the philosophical implications of reductionism.

338 KB

51 pages



The Physics of Consciousness

by David Lane


Explores the idea that consciousnesss is physical n origin.

335 KB

51 pages



Death - Sea of Consciousness

by David Gwodzik


Death - Sea of Consciousness is an alternative view of death. A poetic and enriching experience that gives us insight into life and the death process.

50 KB

17 pages



The Pathway to Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension

by O-Din


It must be remembered that mankind's development is a gradual process over many millions of years.

He progresses in steps or stages very slowly at first, but at an increasing rate as he reaches the higher planes of awareness.

In the beginning the divine sparks descended into matter and through experience in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, eventually individualized as a human soul. This has been the normal evolvement for souls on this world, but on worlds in other Universes there exist many ways of evolvement.Preview this e-book for more info.

Digital Information Suite:


120 KB

27 pages



Are We Really For Real?

by Don Roberts


This is a two page document exploring the science and philosophy of reality. It uses quantum principals and mathematical logic mixed in with a little tongue and cheek noodling as to whether we are really a part of the physical universe.

88.4 KB

2 pages



The Unconscious Part I - Introduction and First Chakra

by Suzan Caroll


We can think of our unconscious like a deep pond. The surface of the pond is visible to our conscious self and we can interact with it by swimming, fishing, or wading. We have little awareness of what lies hidden at the bottom of the pond. Things of a higher vibration, such as a leaf or a feather, float on the surface of the pond, but things of a lower vibration, like a rock, sink to the bottom of the pond. However, even the feather and the leaf may eventually sink to the bottom of the pond over time.

645 KB

52 pages



The Unconscious Part II - Second and Third Chakras

by Suzan Caroll


Repressed emotions create thoughts that are "unconscious." Repressed emotions create thoughts that are "unconscious." Emotions from our fourth dimensional astral body interface with our physical bodies via our hormones and biochemistry. Since these dark feelings cannot be accessed by our conscious mind, our body's discomfort from keeping these secrets is projected to our consciousness as “dis-ease.”

395 KB

44 pages



The Unconscious Part III - The Behavior Door

by Suzan Caroll


Aberrant behavior based on fear and negativity sabotages dreams and aspirations. Our behavior mirrors our dark side. But how does a child know that they are bad if someone doesn't tell them? How can a child learn to distinguish between good and bad if they are told that everything they do is bad? The unconscious memories of childhood's painful situations bring forward the defense mechanisms that we created in our childish efforts to survive.

298 KB

28 pages



The Unconscious Part IV - The Dreams and Aspirations Door

by Suzan Caroll


Aborted dreams and aspirations bring us to such depths that, at last, we call for help. Our failed or forgotten goals reaffirm our sense of unworthiness and inability to succeed. Lost dreams and aspirations haunt our daytime and cause nightmares when we can finally sleep.

335 KB

56 pages



The Unconscious Part V - The Spiritual Guidance Door

by Suzan Caroll


Spiritual guidance hears our call and surrounds us with its love. When we can no longer stand our fear and pain, we fall to our knees to ask for guidance. Then perhaps, if even for a moment, we can feel the long arm of love as it reaches through our fear and self-pity.

345 KB

40 pages



The Conscious Part I – Introduction To Being Conscious

by Suzan Caroll


What does it mean to be "conscious" in the physical plane? Does it simply mean to be alive or does it mean to also be aware? And, what are we aware of? Of the myriad perceptions, to which do we choose to consciously attend? Our physical life is not just what we hold in our daily conscious mind, it is also the ability to be "conscious" of what we try to hide deep inside ourselves. Often, we hide memories in our unconscious mind, and some of our hidden life is stored in our superconscious mind. To be truly "conscious" in our mundane life we must also be aware of these other, hidden, portions of our total consciousness. Otherwise, we will not have access to all of our choices of perception.

337 KB

28 pages



Being Conscious Part II – The Heart Chakra

by Suzan Caroll


As we expand our consciousness in our physical, third dimensional life, we receive more positive body sensations because we are no longer hiding from our thoughts and emotions. This communication between our conscious and unconscious selves gives us a sense of well-being. Our body feels better now, and we do not wish to taint that feeling with excesses of food, alcohol, or drugs. Our immune system is healthier because we no longer have the stress of sitting on a volcano of suppressed emotions and negative thoughts. This makes us feel more sociable and we seek the company of others.

763 KB

60 pages



Being Conscious Part III - The Throat Chakra

by Suzan Caroll


Our emotions create mental pictures that awaken our imagination and trigger memories that encourage further self-development. Positive emotions of love and well-being surface from behind our pain and fear, as feelings of empowerment override the sense of being a victim. Gradually, we begin to take responsibility for our life. As our consciousness expands, we observe our emotions as reactions to the external world and messages regarding the internal condition of our body and psyche. Love, more than fear, comes into our lives now, which allows us to experience our emotions, not as a limitation, but as a creative force.

647 KB

60 pages



Being Conscious Part IV - The Brow Chakra

by Suzan Caroll


Our thoughts come into focus as our self-talk becomes conscious. This ability allows us to take responsibility for our thoughts, as we realize that we can choose which thoughts we allow to dwell in our minds. We learn that when we choose to think positive, our self-confidence grows and our thinking shifts from problem-oriented to solution-oriented. Old negative core beliefs break down, and we respond with new behavior rather than acting in old, habitual ways. When we are no longer victims, we can respond rather than react because we think before we speak or act.

1408 KB

76 pages



Being Conscious Part V - The Behavior Door: Maiden, Mother, Mentor, Father, Warrior, Sage

by Suzan Caroll


Our behaviors are based on emotional needs and mental forethought as our reactions evolve into responses. Behaviors that are consciously initiated and completed give our conscious mind clues as to our true goals and desires. We can then seek out what we really want rather than what we “should” want or what others want for us.

444 KB

36 pages



Being Conscious Part VI - The Dreams and Aspirations Door

by Suzan Caroll


Our sleep is more regular now and our dreaming more conscious. We may even have experiences of lucid dreaming in which we are awake inside our sleep. Since we have faced much of our dark side, our dreams have largely shifted from uncovering negative feelings to rehearsing our next move in our everyday life.

752 KB

52 pages



Being Conscious Part VII - The Spiritual Guidance Door

by Suzan Caroll


More balanced thoughts and feelings bring about a sense of deserving that allows spiritual feelings of grace and joy to expand. Because we can now connect with our fourth dimensional self, our instincts are keener and our creativity and inspirations have increased.

896 KB

56 pages



The Superconscious Part I - Introduction to the Superconscious

by Suzan Caroll


Through all time, seekers and mystics have asked this question: "What is the Superconscious?" For the purpose of this section, the Superconscious will be defined as our total consciousness that is aware of, and has mastery over, ALL the segments of our Being. In other words, the Superconscious is the SELF that encompasses all of our "selves."

433 KB

36 pages



The Superconscious Part II - The Earth Vessel Door

by Suzan Caroll


WELCOME TO THE FIRST DOOR OF THE SUPERCONSCIOUS As the first of the Violet Doors is opened to us, we begin to perceive ourselves in a different way. Whereas before we were physical beings moving through our physical reality, now we are more—much more. But what is this “more”? Yes, that is the question. It is behind the Violet Doors that we find that answer.

539 KB

45 pages



The Superconscious Part III - The Intuition Door

by Suzan Caroll


As Kundalini rises into our Brow Chakra, if not before, “past lives,” which are actually parallel lives in other space/time coordinates of third and fourth dimensional earth, came into our awareness. When Kundalini combines the essences of the sixth and seventh chakra to open our Third Eye, we begin to have experiences of realities in which we exist in the fifth dimension and beyond. When Kundalini combines the essences of the sixth and seventh chakra to open our Third Eye, we begin to have experiences of realities in which we exist in the fifth dimension and beyond.

632 KB

64 pages



The Superconscious Part IV- The Illumination Door to The Violet Temple

by Suzan Caroll


Join us as we calibrate our consciousness to activate our personal Merkaba. We will then take a Journey to the Central Sun, Alycone, The Pleiades. Once there we will meet Mytria, who will guide us through the Violet Temple of Transmutation and into the Violet Flame. Within the Violet Flame we will transmute our fear and darkness, so that we may reprogram our personal hologram. Please see Products Page for downloads and/or other Illustrated Stories.

674 KB

68 pages



The NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) Theory

by Kedar Joshi


The NSTP theory is a (philosophy of mind) semi-idealistic as well as semi-dualistic theory that the material universe, where some peculiar phenomena like quantum non-locality exist in, is exclusively a group of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thinking processes existing in the form of (non-spatial material) feelings (i.e. states of consciousness). In computer terminology, it regards the (material) universe as a non-spatial computer, with hardware of non-spatial feelings and software of superhuman as well as non-superhuman thoughts, including those of space, which is then a merely apparent entity. The mere existence of the superhuman thoughts is responsible for the empirical order in the non-superhuman ones. The theory, however, accepts the possibility of the reality of space, the space where the phenomena like quantum non-locality do not exist in. The theory is constituted of 6 axioms, 1 theorem, and 3 conjectures.

149 KB

7 pages



Darwin's DNA: A Brief Introduction to Evolutionary Philosophy

by Andrea Diem-Lane


Presents a brief introduction to the new discipline of evolutionary philosophy. Also includes a new theory concerning consciousness.

590 KB

101 pages



Discussion on the Unified Mind Theory

by Hans J Zeunert


The Unified Mind Theory falls into 2 parts: the physical and the spiritual aspect of Creation. The term Creation assumes the existence of a Creator, that means if God exists, Creation must be perfect & complete. However, should it be unfinished, then Creation cannot be perfect and complete. We confirm: "God does not change His Mind", nor is He subject to any dimension of His own Creation. The physical aspect is that part in us which is strictly mechanical. It is void of life, and it is based on math. This gives us a structure of affirmations on which our present science rests. It is the description of our 4-dimensional world. It does not include Life. This is described in the spiritual aspects of Creation which is based on faith and belief in God. This is the description of our 5-dimensional world in completion.

680 KB

49 pages



The Meaning of Life ... (and other trivialities)

by Victor Zelikovsky


The “Way of Knowledge”: Eastern tradition teaches that there are several ‘yogas’ or ways of reunion with the divine. People in the West have the greatest natural affinity to ‘Jnana Yoga’, the ‘way of knowledge’. The most recent discoveries of physics, cosmology and morphogenetics reveal the nature of reality and the universe in a way which is accessible to the western mind. The Author shows how this information harmonizes with the deeper teachings of mankind’s spiritual traditions to reveal clear answers to the basic questions of life. Some of the topics covered: Cosmology and the Nature of the Universe, The Universal Presence of Life, The Nature of ‘God’ and Reality; of our Consciousness & the Consciousness of the Universe, The question of Good and Evil, The Meaning of Life, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, Time and Eternity, Christ Consciousness and the Buddha Nature, Morphogenesis and the ‘Mystery of Christ’ …

124 KB

6 pages



Living on beyond death

by Daniel Jones


Article on the posibility of living on beyond death

29 KB

3 pages




by Lao Tzu


The Tao Te Ching in English

206 KB

89 pages



Natural Progression: The Tao Te Ching

by Lao Tzu


Lao Tzu's famous Tao Te Ching in English as translated by J. Legge

241 KB

88 pages



Spooky Physics

by Andrea Diem-Lane


A brief introduction to the famous Einstein-Bohr debate over the implications of quantum mechanics.

491 KB

79 pages



Thought-Space in a Nutshell

by Don Roberts


This is an abstract of 'A JOURNEY THROUGH THOUGHT-SPACE'. It analyzes the nature of Spirit and shows how our cognizance of the universe stems from self-recognition within evolution.

83 KB

2 pages



Mind Exploration: The power of time distortion

by Daniel Jones


Article on time distortion

39 KB

3 pages



Astral Travelling

by Daniel Jones


Article on astral travelling experiments I have carried out

29 KB

3 pages



Healing Light Meditation

by Dan Jones


Healing light meditation guiding you gradually into a comfortable deep trance experience

44.5 MB




Chakra Meditation

by Daniel Jones


meditation track, vintage, low quality, best listened to through headphones

2.58 MB




Poems for the Star Seed Awakening

by Jonathan Sawan Turchiano


This is a collection of my many poems. I am very excited to share these with the world. I feel right now in these it is essential to put our gifts together to unify humanity in the healing and spiritual process of this spiritual revolution.

218 KB

38 pages




by Brian Kimmel


48 minute, downloadable mp3 - Learn basic elements of mindfulness meditation, and scanning the mind and body for greater sense of peace and equanimity.

98.7 MB




Essay on Soul

by Siddartha Pamulaparty

87 KB

2 pages



Meditation: Chakra Illumination

by David Lakota


High-level meditation... powerful, effective and far-reaching. This is a swift and potent guided relaxation, breathing and visualization. It is also "absent healing" for the whole world and all her creatures. Many years of dedicated discipline went into the recording of this based upon thousands of years of advancements by practitioners from numerous lands and cultures. As with other types of meditation, the effects here are cumulative. They get better and better with each use, except if I fall asleep or I'm too distracted. It is recommended to set aside just ten minutes where you won't be disturbed. Do this in the morning upon awakening- before the start of a busy day. When your mind wanders, gently draw it back to the present. Focus on your breathing, upon relaxing. If the words resonate with you, follow them. The more you listen and respond to each set of words the more you will benefit. The real value is in your experience and the feeling of well-being that this yields. It's also a way to be of service.

11.5 MB




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Lisa Renee speaks about Ascension and Genetic Pathcutting.



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Ascension Class Part Six

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Ascension Class Part Seven

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Ascension Class Part Eight

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Welcome to Energetic Synthesis



The Spiritual Nomad



The Indigo Neurology



Ascended Masters and Divine Purpose



The Bridge Project



Nature and The Elemental Kingdom



Into the Void



Angelic Kingdom



MAP Healing Teams



Office of the Christ



12D Divine Light Shield



Fear Release Chakras



5 Steps to Negative Ego Reprogramming



Abundance Prayers



Heart Scar Clearing Command



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Ascension Activation Meditation and Treatment



Breathwork Exercises to Clear and Relax/Meditation



EMF Field Radiation (EMF Info and Remedies)



Energetic Balance Tech-Beginner



Entity Release Command Sample



ES-Primordial Imprints Of Separation



Fear Matrix Removal Program (Core Fear Removal Program)



Guide Contact Info (Basic Guide Explain and Technique)



Otherware Lightworker Calibration (2nd Chakra Addiction Clearing)



Reclaiming One Health Exercise (Abraham Hicks Reclaim Health & Well being)



Shadowy Elements Vortex (Shadow Vortex setting technique)



Vow Break (Vow break Command Sample)



18 point clearing meditation ( Stone Phd)



MCEO High Veca ( Universal Harmonics) Tone ( Jseal release)



Isis Meditation - Egyptian Melchizedek Initiation ( Activator)



7th Initiation Story

The 7th levels of Integration of the Ascension

Adventures of a Starseed- Series



MCEO ( Psonns) Release Jseal



Temple Of God Meditation ( Stone phd)



A Divine Message (Divine Message Inspirational Prose)



Creation’s Purest Light (Ecstatic Inspirational Prose)



Divine Hearts Never Apart (Divine Heart Spiritual Ecstatic Prose)



Global Light Healing Through The Deep Heart



I Find This to Be True (We Create Through Our Thoughts)



Kauai Divine Prose



Saving Grace Not Face Article



Rolling Up Our Sleeves

Newsletter: LYV October 2008

By Lisa Renee

Over the last months we have been navigated through the remnants of the exploding energetic debris with our own personal bulldozer. The Universal Bulldozer came in to demolish our old inner residence and is blasting away anything that is not necessary to maintain the core foundation of our new spiritual house. In the Universe’s perfect efficiency you can see not one thing is left over or is going to continue to be unused. The Universe is telling you …”use it or lose it” and in that moment there is no more leftovers! We get exactly what is needed in every moment.



The Red Pill and The Blue Pill

Newsletter: LYV November 2008

By Lisa Renee

At this time we have more dimensional variation of experiential realities on this planet (in the current holographic reality we are sharing as a group consciousness) than in the histories of human evolution. This level of energetic expansion (evolution) and sometimes constriction (de-evolution) is a part of the “merging of the polarities” into a neutral or zero point. What many are beginning to understand is that we must embody a new spiritual wisdom and the paradoxes inherent in such wisdom. (Such as experiencing the self, no-self realization) We must learn greater acceptance for all things no matter how it appears. This is the deeper comprehension of the alchemical processes we undergo as a part of the internal/external “synthesizing of energetic polarities”. Accepting this is key, in order to participate smoothly with the accelerating and intense energies on our planet today. Participating smoothly means you are not judging or emotionally invested or attached to needing a specific outcome. Attachment to a specific outcome will create suffering.



Lisa Renee on Otherware

Broadcast Date: March 2/3, 2007 Otherware (n) - "anything that activates, enhances or evolves the inner technologies of the multi-dimensional human." Lisa Renee - Galactic Emmissary for the Guardians "Ascension Update" Part 1 I am so honoured to be able to share this podcast with you. This is the very first "Otherware" show on BBS I've produced for 2007. I knew that with my guest Lisa Renee with me, I would be able to discuss some extraordinary information about the shifts we are experiencing in our world, on a personal as well as planetary level, and that it would markedly set the tone for the interviews that follow over the coming year. Otherware is the name of my program, and I devised a definition for it that you can read above, and below, which hopefully expains the intention behind the show. What I help present is "otherware", according to my definition, but there are some tech-heads out there who might've heard the term bandied about regarding computer stuff that's also called requestware, but that definitely isn't what this podcast is all about. Otherware (n) - "anything that activates, enhances or evolves the inner technologies of the multi-dimensional human." To begin the year with suitable bang, it was a pleasure for me to bring the vivacious, charming and incredibly gifted Galactic Emmissary and Etheric Surgeon Lisa Renee onto the show as my first guest for 2007. Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous “kundalini” event several years ago that catalyzed an “awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy, Lisa was trained and downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Spirit Technologies began her transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic Healer during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”. We haven't caught up with Lisa since she first appeared on the show last May so I'm looking forward to an update from her very much. Last time we spoke we had a fascinating dialogue about the Indigo Races and the role of starseeds on Earth at this time. We'll pick up that captivating conversation and discuss the positive effects this is having on the global consciousness, and take our chat into even deeper territory when Otherware returns. Lisa Renee has a column with called "Lifting Your Veil, Surviving the Ascension". I do hope that you'll listen in to this very special program



Lisa Renee Part 2 on Otherware

Dear Family of Light, After an overwhelmingly positive response to the first instalment of the extraordinary interview with Spiritual Guide and Galactic Emissary to the Guardians, Lisa Renee, I'm pleased to announce that Part 2 is now finally posted as the archive edition, and the entire interview is uniterrupted. In the final portion of the how, Lisa will also be guiding the audience through a "12th-dimensional shield" and grounding meditation. Part 1 was full of valuable brand-new information regarding the star family and indigo races that are living here at this time in human evolution, and their various typings and missions. We discussed the role of certain types that come in with soul agreements to be "genetic pathcutters" and their role in clearing mutations from our human DNA; Lisa recounted mindblowing experiences from her awakening process, and that is just skimming the surface. "Thank you Liz and Lisa! Not only did the interview act as a welcome "confirmation" of my own experiences, also it increased the feeling of connect-ness within me.. and gave some wonderful new information as well. I passed it on to my Lightworker-friends here in the Netherlands! Thanks again!!!" Femke, Netherlands "I just finished listening to your interview with Lisa Renee....all I can say is WOW! Your ability to engage with this type of material at the level that you do is truly one of your gifts and your contribution.....I dont imagine there are too many interviewers or radio hosts currently incarnate that can do what you do. I have listened to interviews on World Puja and other esoteric radio shows and as good as they are at interviewing.... i personally think you are in a different league...a total pleasure to listen too. Having mentioned world puja....I would love to see you working on a radio station like that or creating your own....hope I didnt overstep the mark....but i want to see you doing this with all the world leaders in consciousness at a more public level with a huge worldwide audience!!" Vivienne Moses professional therapist..personal development coach, Melbourne If that sounds interesting to you, during this this week's program Lisa discusses her own star family lineage and it's connection to the Sirius star system, her status as a prototype "hybrid walk-in", and a whole lot more you do not want to miss.



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